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Thanks for visiting my crochet corner of the web!

Iā€™m Vytene, a keen crocheter originally from Lithuania now based in the UK.

My life takes me on many trips and most of the time I travel with my hobby in my handbag šŸ™‚ Hence the name of the blog!

I created ‘Hobbyist on the Road’ for those who…

…are looking for new inspiration for their next crochet project (you can find my patterns on Etsy HERE, on Ravelry HERE, on Ribblr HERE or on this website HERE);

…would like to find like-minded crocheters. For you, I’ve created a Facebook group ‘Weekly Crochet Focus’ HERE. This group is most suited for you, if you get easily excited about a new crochet project but find it hard to complete it and as a result, have a stash full of unfinished WIPs. We, fellow crocheters, come along, help you FOCUS on your current crochet WIP and finish it.

Fun fact:

The biggest crochet project I have ever made, was an Irish crochet dress – it took me 2.5 years!!!

After surviving the creative process (yes, it’s the survival of the fittest!) šŸ™‚ no crochet project seems too difficult or too big now!

You’ll find descriptions of my journey and experience with this and other projects on the blog.

See you there!

You can also find me on:

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If you want to get in touch, e-mail me at hobbyistontheroad@gmail.com