Three Monstera Leaves PDF Pattern


Get downloadable PDF instructions on how to crochet these three fabulous Monstera Leaves (large, medium and small).

Create some beautiful wall art for your home or office, turn them into unique accessories, coasters or other home or clothing decor elements.


Three Monstera Leaves is a downloadable PDF pattern. We give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to crochet these three Irish crochet applique motifs.

The pattern is absolutely fabulous when completed!

three Monstera leaves

These three Monstera leaves can be turned into home or office decor elements such as wall art, coasters, accessories, such as earrings, brooches or applique motifs for clothing. Here are more ideas on what to do with your crochet Monstera leaves.

Use the leaves as unique personal items or give them as special gifts to those, who appreciate original handmade items.

I used an irregular lacing technique to crochet these three Monstera leaves.  It turns out a very useful technique for those times when you want to crochet something that looks almost like a drawing or like a woven fabric.

I hope you will enjoy crocheting these beautiful tropical leaves!

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