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What Is Mercerized Cotton Yarn?

What is mercerized cotton?

When you go shopping for cotton yarn or thread, you may have noticed that sometimes the label says 100% cotton while other times it says 100% mercerized cotton.

So what is mercerized cotton? And why is it important for your handmade projects?

I filmed this short video explaining what mercerization process means and how it affects the final finish of your crochet or knit item.

I often use this type of cotton thread in my projects. By the way, pearl or perle cotton has also gone through mercerization process.

I find that accessories or dressy outfits made from mercerized cotton look particularly good.

Here are the projects where I used this type of thread:

Chrysanthemum Flower Brooch

Choker Collar

Barefoot Sandals

Tropical Monstera Leaves

Irish Crochet Dress

Create beauty one stitch at a time!

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